Marilyn Dysart, author

YA Urban Fantasy Series

Just WHO are the Nobbins? How do some Midland teens outsmart them? Find out in the Nobbins ebook series!

Nobbins Adventures

Following a ski accident, two Midland teens, April and Jessica, find themselves under Earth in an alien civilization. The alien Nobbins reprogram the teens with new identities, just as they have done to millions of other humans they’ve “borrowed” to live in Under. Riley Billman, a bright teen leads a Midland rescue effort for the girls. Other smart teens in Under begin to piece clues together to learn they are living in a sham world. Will the humans free themselves from Under? Will the Nobbins try to stop them?

Following the collapse of Under, the alien Nobbins flee to Mars and set up a new civilization under the planet’s surface. After a celebration kayak adventure, the teens (yes, the same ones you met in Under Exposed), find themselves victims of Nobbin character Frieda’s time travel shenanigans. How does Rine, a college friend, help solve their dilemma? What happens to Nobbin Frieda when she loses favor from the other Nobbins?

Rine, a college sophomore, thinks he discovers a new planet orbiting between Venus and Earth. The Planets existence is confirmed by astronomers Herb Schall and Deke Winthrop who learn that the planet, Rhea, was moved into the new orbit by Nobbins. The Nobbins invite Rine, Schall, Winthrop, and Rine’s Midland high school friends to travel to Planet Rhea for an action-packed visit. Nobbin Frieda has a surprise for all of them!

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